Resin Sitting Buddha statue

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    The resting Buddha depicts the historical last moment of Buddha on earth. Buddha is worshiped around the world for his enlightened mind. Bringing his statue home will purify the mind and help one to overcome negative emotion like fear, greed and hatred. Resin is resilient and durable. They retain all the details of the original work and also weigh less than cast-stone statues. They are also stronger than those prepared with other materials and offer superior durability.

    Resin is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Another benefit of resin statues is the flexibility involved with regards to its finishing options. Resin statues can also be made to imitate the look of ancient stone, bronze, marble and even porcelain figures. They will provide years and years of great decoration without a hitch with correct maintenance.

    Types/Material : Resin


    • Length : 5.5 inch
    • Breadth: 4 inch
    • Height : 8 inch

    Color : Green


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